School Uniforms:
All the students of classes 1st to 8th and boys of the classes 9th to 12th will wear uniform of Grey colour with white shirt, but the Girls of classes 9th to 12th will wear Salwar Kameez.
Kameez – Jawahar Cut neck of dark Grey colour from Ruby mills.
                 Shade no.: 1465 Sleeves below elbow. 15 cm.
Salwar – White Salwar of Lizzic- Bizzie.
Dupatta – White Cotton Mix.
Sirt/Pants – Grey

                        Winter    : 8 am to 2 pm
                       Summer  : 7:30 am to 1:30 pm
Admission form, for any class as per vacancies can be had from the school office. The procedure of Admission is through test. The New admissions in the School are allotted S.R. Number. The Student will be known by this number as long as he/she stays in the school.
Parents-Teacher Meeting:
To facilitate a good rapport between the parents and teachers, provision is made for parent teacher meeting as and when needed in every term. Clandestine meeting between parents and teachers are frowned upon. All dealings must therefore, be necessary to have the blessings of the Principal.
Examination, Progress Report and Promotion Criteria:
The progress of students is tested throughout the academic year by a series of tests/examinations taken at regular intervals. The date of test need not to be announced, because surprise tests keep the student on their toes. The student should therefore, prepare their day-to-day work thoroughly and the same can be tested at any time. Evolution of the student is continuous and comprehensive as per CCE system of C.B.S.E. strictly.
      A record of pupil’s academic attainment is sent to parents/guardians four times a year, at the end of each period of assessment. Parents must sign the report card and return it to the school.
Any tampering with the marks entered in the card is an offence, he/she will be taken against the erring pupil. If the child concerned continue to repeat the offence, he/she will be required to be withdrawn.
In case, the performance of your ward deteriorates, do meet the concerned teacher and discuss his/her performance and find the cause of deterioration.
Although we try to keep distance to a minimum, automatic promotion to the next class is wishful thinking. A student to be promoted to the next class is expected to pass in English, Mathematics, Science and Hindi do reasonably well in other subjects. The pass marks in any subject is 40%.
In case a student absents himself/herself for no valid reason, he/she will not be entitled for any make up or re-test. Such tests, if at all taken, lie entirely in the jurisdiction of the teacher to be withdrawn from the school.
The assessment made by the teacher is fair and final. No argument by the parents for undeserving promotion will be entertained.

  1. A  Clear month’s written notice or a quarter fee in lieu of notice must be given before a pupil can be withdrawn.
  2. The Principal can in the interest of the school, have a student withdrawn from the school if:
  3. In her opinion the student has failed to accept the discipline of the school and his/her continued presence may be detrimental to the interest of the other students.

(ii)       Where the student fails to come up to the required academic standard expected of him/her. This is in the interest of the student because he/she is still young and not over-age for the class.

  1. No transfer certificate will be issued until sums due to the school been paid in full: A fee of Rs. 100/- is charged for a Transfer Certificate. It must be borne in mind that a T.C. Is a very important document and must be kept with utmost care. No duplicate T.C. is issued.

Dismissal or Suspension:
Irregular attendance, insubordination to teachers, obscenity in word or deed, willful and repeated breach of the school regulations, use of unfair means in the examination are sufficient reasons for the dismissal of a student Pupils, are responsible to the school authorities not only for their conduct in the school but also for their general behavior outside. Any report of objectionable conduct on the part of any pupil will make him/her liable for disciplinary action. Giving “Baksheesh” to servants or gift to teachers is strictly prohibited.
No verbal assurance alleged to have been given by any member of the staff, will be

Accepted binding on the school.Similarly, no verbal statement made by parents will be accepted parents will be accepted.
Parents must always write to the principal on any point they wish to raise or make.
Suggestions or complaints if any should be made in writing to the principal confidentially.
The admission of a child will mean a complete acceptance by the parent/guardian of all school rules as in force or as amended from time to time. Parents, who do not abide by the rules and regulations, will be requested to withdraw their wards. In matters of any dispute, decision of the school authorities will be final.
Schedule of fees:
The school charges an annual fee, which is divided into quarterly installments for convenience, but must always be paid in advance. Please refer to the fee booklet for the current fees structure.